Say Goodbye to Brown Spots

Cryotherapy, sometimes called cryosurgery, is the localized freezing of the skin for controlled resurfacing and removal of unwanted growths or discolorations.

As we age, unattractive brown spots called lentigenes appear on our face as a result of years of overexposure to sunlight. These “age spots” or “liver spots” respond very well to cryotherapy. This is possible because our pigment cells, called melanocytes, are more sensitive to lower temperatures than other skin cells, thereby providing a selective procedure for their removal.

Seborrheic Keratoses, common warty brown age spots, originate from the outer layers of skin, the epidermis. These growths are also easily removed by cryotherapy. In addition, cryotherapy may also be used for the treatment of certain types of acne and other complexion problems.

How is it done?

Cryotherapy utilizes a natural element in the air we breath called nitrogen. At room temperature nitrogen is a gas but when compressed to form a liquid the temperature drops to -196° C. The liquid nitrogen is applied precisely to the affected areas of skin requiring treatment by means of either a fine spray or a cotton-tipped applicator. Application times are brief, usually in the range of several seconds, so discomfort is minimized and anesthesia is usually not required. The healing time required for the skin to resurface may take up to several days depending on the duration of application and the area treated.

How do I schedule a consultation?

Dr. Van Gurp and his staff will be happy to discuss the best treatment plan for you. Simply schedule a consultation on this website.

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